Armstrong –       Sounder– 19th Century American South

Avi-                    Crispin-14th C., England

Avi-                    True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle-19th C., England/US

Boyne-               The Boy in the Striped Pajamas-1942, Berlin

Bradley               The War That Saved My Life – WWII England

Brink-                  Caddie Woodlawn-19th C., Wisconsin

Choldenko-          Al Capone Does My Shirts-1930’s, Alcatraz Island

Collier-                 My Brother Sam is Dead-Revolutionary War, Connecticut 

Curtis-                 Bud, Not Buddy-1930’s, US Depression era

Cushman-          Catherine, Called Birdy-13th C., England

Cushman-           The Midwife’s Apprentice-Middle Ages, England

Fleishman-          The Whipping Boy-18th C., Europe

Forbes-              Johnny Tremain-Revolutionary War, US

Fox-                   Slave Dancer-1840, New Orleans

Gipson-              Old Yeller – Late 1860’s, Texas

Gregory-             Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie

Hesse-              Out of the Dust– 1930’s, Oklahoma

Keith–                Rifles for Watie-1861, Kansas

Larson-             Hattie Big Sky– 1918-Iowa


Lester-              Day of Tears -1859, Georgia

London-            Call of the Wild-19th C, Yukon Territory, Canada

London-            White Fang- Late 1800’s, Yukon Territory, Canada,

Lowry-               Number the Stars-1943, Denmark

Munoz-Ryan-   Riding FreedomMid-1800’s, California

Nielsen,           A Night Divided – 1960s East Germany

O’Dell-            The Serpent Never Sleeps-1609-England/Bermuda/Jamestown

O’Dell-            Island of the Blue Dolphinsmid 1800s, San Nicolas Island off California

O’Dell-             Sing Down the Moon-1800’s, Arizona

Paulsen-        Mr. Tucket series-Early 1900’s Western U.S.

Paulsen-        Soldier’s Heart-Civil War era, Gettysburg

Peck-             A Long Way from Chicago-1929, Illinois

Porter-           Pollyanna-Late 1800’s, United States

Pullman-        Ruby in the Smoke-19th C. London

Rawls-           Where the Red Fern Grows -1930’s, Ozark  Mountains

Schmidt-        Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy-Early 1900's Maine

Speare-         Calico Captive -1750s, French/Indian War, New Hampshire

Speare-         Witch of Blackbird Pond-1687, Colonial Connecticut

Stevenson-   Treasure Island-1760s, England

Taylor-            Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry-1930s, Mississippi

Tingle-            The Edge on the Sword-Late 800s, Saxon England

Vanderpool-     Moon Over Manifest-Kansas, 1917 WWI era

Wiles-             Countdown -1962, Washington DC

Yates-             Amos Fortune, Free Man-18th C., Massachusetts 

Yep-                Dragonwings – Early 20th C., California