Wasatch County Library
Wasatch County Library

Wasatch County Library
Board of Directors 2021

Mitzi Nelson, Chair
Wasatch.Mitzi AT gmail DOT com

First term begins July 2018
Expires: June 2022

Vacancy, Secretary (Finishing Nancy Coleman’s unexpired term)

Ms. Coleman's unexpired first term began July 2019.
Expires: June 2023

Cristina Spicer, Member
SpicerCristina AT gmail DOT com
(Finishing Paul Kennard’s unexpired term)

Mr. Kennard’s unexpired term began July 2018.
Ms. Spicer’s term began July 2019

Expires: June 2022

Heather Epperson, Member
EppersonEagles AT gmail DOT com

Second Term begins July 2020
Expires: June 2024

Danny Goode, County Council
dgoode AT wasatch DOT utah DOT gov



Library Board Information| Información del Consejo Directivo

Brochure: What does a Library Board member do?

Folleto: ¿Qué hace un miembro del Consejo Directivo?


BYLAWS Wasatch County Library Board
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BY RESOLUTION the Wasatch County Library Board has accepted Utah code, Title 9-7-5011, as its authority to act. Therefore, the Board will not formulate a Constitution but will include in its Bylaws that which is consistent with its responsibilities. Those elements already established by law will not be included in the Wasatch County Library Bylaws.

The five equal members of the board will have one vote each. The Executive officer (Library Director) has no vote, but will be responsible for the preparation of the agenda items and will speak to them, as will all board directors.

The County Council representative is excused from being an officer. The offices shall be Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary, and Member. The membership will revolve through the offices so that each Board member will have the responsibility of each office during their four year tenure. Offices begin July 1, run for one year, and end June 30. Midterm resignation will require that offices advance to the vacated office. If the vacated office is that of a Member, a new Member will be secured. At the end of the term year, the Chair returns to Member if he/she desires to finish the original term time or continue with a second term.

The Chair will preside at meetings; confer with the Executive Officer for agendum; over-see policy review; ask members and Executive Officer to present research information, make presentations, make contacts, prepare documents for review, discussion, modification, approval, and publishing; invite members to present views, make motions, and participate equally; and do whatever other tasks the Board deems it is his/her responsibility to do.

The Chair-elect will perform all of the duties of the Chair, when the Chair is not able to perform.

The Secretary will keep the minutes of Board meeting and deliver to the Executive Officer one week prior to the next regular Board meeting for printing and mailing. Minutes will be approved, corrected, or modified at the next Board meeting, signed by the Secretary and given to the Executive Officer to be filed in the Board’s permanent files. Member will make correction on their own copies of the minutes.

There are no standing committees. Special Committees may be appointed as required and approved by the Board.

One monthly meeting is required. Dates for these meetings will be established by the Board after consideration and discussion at the July meeting. Changes or alterations may be made to these dates with the approval by the Board. Special meeting may be called with majority approval. The agenda and public notice of meetings will be appropriately posted.

Three or more voting member will constitute a quorum. A quorum must be present at meeting in order to conduct business. A quorum, once established, shall be deemed to be in effect until such meeting is adjourned. All motions must have at least three positive votes to pass.

The fiscal year shall correspond with the fiscal year of the county.

“Point of Order” shall be the standard for parliamentary procedure. It is desirable that the Board not belabor its meeting with minutia in parliamentary procedure, but with frank and honest discussion it should reach decisions that represent the mind of the majority.

Additions, changes, corrections, or other amendments to these bylaws may be made in any monthly meeting by a majority vote of three, providing that notice of such proposed amendment has been made and presented to members at a regular Board meeting immediately preceding the meeting at which the proposed amendment is to be considered.

ARTICLE 9 Electronic Meetings. Pursuant to UCA 52-4-207 Electronic meetings of the Open and Public Meetings Act, the Wasatch County Library Board of Directors hereby adopts the following rule to govern electronic meetings:

  • Electronic meetings may be used to conduct Library Board business.
  • A quorum in not necessary to be present at a single anchor location in order to conduct an electronic meeting.
  • A Board member may request an electronic meeting no less than three days prior to the meeting to allow for arrangements to be made for the electronic meeting.
  • Public notice of the meeting will be done in accordance with Section 52-4-202; and written notice will be posted at the anchor location.
  • Notice of the electronic meeting will be given to Library Board members at least 24 hours before the meeting so that they may participate in and be counted as present for all purposes, including the determination that a quorum is present; and a description of how the members will be connected to the electronic meeting.
  • Establish one or more anchor locations for the public meeting, one of which shall be the usual meeting place.
  • Provide space and facilities at the anchor location so that interested persons and the public may attend and monitor the open portions of the meeting.
  • If comments from the public will be accepted during the electronic meeting, provide space and facilities at the anchor location so that interested persons and the public may attend, monitor, and participate in the open portions of the meeting.


Adopted March 31, 1999
Reviewed April 25, 2007

Article 9 approved and adopted by Wasatch County Library Board the 10th day of April 2020


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