Wasatch County Library Circulation Policy


  1. Borrower must have a valid Wasatch County Library Card.
  2. The first card issued to a Wasatch County resident will be free.  A charge of $5.00 will be made for the replacement of lost or damaged cards and $10.00 for additional cards.
  3. Children 5 to 18 years of age, may have his/her own library card when a parent signs the application card and agrees to take the responsibility for library materials.
  4. Non-residents of Wasatch County may purchase a library card under the authorization of the library director for $50.00 per year. Non-resident seasonal employees may purchase a temporary library card for $50.00. After the season of employment, when all items are returned, the card will be returned, deactivated and $25.00 will be refunded with the date included on their record at time of deactivation.

Materials Available:

All library materials except those things that are necessary to maintain services and are specially prohibitive to circulation are available for check out.

Lending Policy:

  1. Patron responsibility:  The individual patron, under whose name materials are checked out, is ultimately responsible for the card and the return of the materials on time.  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for materials checked out by minors in their care.
  2. 24 items per adult, 12 items per child.
  3. Books, audio books, CD’s and portable audio devices are checked out for 3 weeks.
  4. Library card holders may borrow a maximum of 7 videos and 7 DVD’s for one week.
  5. Library card holders may borrow a maximum of 2 portable audio devices.
  6. Current issues of magazines are never loaned, but are kept at the library. Back issues of magazines, pamphlets, brochures, etc., are loaned for one week.
  7. Encyclopedias/Reference Books:
    1. The newest encyclopedia volumes are never loaned.  Encyclopedia volumes that may be checked out are specially mark and may be checked out for 7 days.
    2. Some of the other reference books may be loaned on a reserve basis by special permission of the library director.
  8. Audio Visual Equipment:
    1. Groups and qualified adults shall be urged to make use of the audio visual equipment and materials.  They shall furnish their own operators.  Patrons must be in good standing with the library to borrow such equipment. A patron in good standing is one who does not have any outstanding fines and has been working with the library to keep his/her standing current.
    2. All equipment is loaned on an overnight basis.  Equipment is due back by 8:00 PM the next day.  Requests to use the equipment more than one day must be negotiated with the library staff at the time the equipment is reserved or picked up.


  1. Circulation items may be renewed for a second 3 weeks as long as there are no pending reserves for that item and may be made in person, on-line or over the phone.  Videos, DVD’s and magazines may be renewed for a second week.
  2. Some items may not be renewed.  These items will be marked or tagged.
  3. Additional renewals are at the librarian’s discretion.

Overdue Policy & Fines:

To encourage the prompt return of materials the library will charge overdue fines for items which are past their due date.  There is a one day grace period, the day following the due date, before fines are charged except videos, DVD’s, CD’s and audio visual equipment.

  1. Fines are as follows:
    1. Books, audio books, magazines and encyclopedias are charged the overdue fine of $0.10 per day, per item up to the maximum established for different categories of materials.
    2. Videos, DVD's, CD’s and portable audio books are charged a fine of a $1.00 day per item. Equipment fines are $5.00 per day per item.
    3. Interlibrary loans will be charged $1.00 per day per item and patrons will pay postage to return the item.  If the item is not picked up, a fine will be placed on the patron’s record for the return postage.
  2. Notification:  The library is under no obligation to notify patrons of overdue materials.
    1. Two weeks: An automated mailer or e-mail notification will be sent.
    2. Four weeks: A second automated mailer or e-mail will be sent.
    3. Six weeks: A final notice is sent.
  3. Recovery: In the event materials are not returned to the library, the Wasatch County Library Board will apply all available legal means to recover the materials, or in lieu of the materials, a sum of money deemed adequate to compensate for replacement and processing cost.  The charge for an item shall be based on its current replacement cost.  In addition, a $3.00 processing charge, which is an aggregate sum reflecting staff time spent in the recovery procedures, time spent in the reordering and cataloging, and recognition of the inconvenience to the public while the library’s collection is missing overdue materials will be charged.
  4. Denial/Restriction of Services:  Patrons are ineligible to check out materials when any fines accrue to $5.00.  Check out privileges will be restored when fines are paid in full.  The Library Director has the discretion to waive or reduce fines. The Library Director may set other restrictions or limits on an individual patron’s use of the library to a point of taking away all privileges when such patron has exhibited a trend toward negligence or abuse of any of the library’s services.

Damages/Lost Items:

The library will maintain all materials and equipment in good repair.  Patrons will be charged for the replacement, repair and service for any lost or damaged items that are checked out on their cards or on the cards of any minors that they are responsible for.

Confidentiality of Library Records:

The library subscribes to the policy sanctioned by the American Library Association to uphold the confidentiality of library records.  Circulation records or other library records which link a patron’s name with materials requested or borrowed by the patron shall be treated as confidential.  Such records may be disclosed in the following instance:

  1. When necessary for the reasonable operation of the library.
  2. Upon written consent of the user.
  3. Pursuant to subpoena, upon court order, or when otherwise required by law.

Library employees, officials and volunteers shall take precautions to observe confidentiality of patron records.


REVIEWED and PASSED by WASATCH COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD this 30th day of September, 2009. Revised and approved by WASATCH COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD this 25th day of September, 2013. Revised and approved by the WASATCH COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD this 25th day of February, 2015. Revised and approved by the WASATCH COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD this 31st day of March, 2017.