Volunteer Policy


The Wasatch County Library Board of Trustees recognizes that volunteers are a valuable resource for the Library. Their energy and talents help the Library meet its commitment to providing quality service to the public. Volunteers enhance, rather than replace, adequate staffing. Volunteer services aid the Library in making the best use of its fiscal resources and help connect the Library to other community groups and organizations. Volunteers can also be valuable advocates for the Library in the community. The Library and its volunteers must work together to ensure a successful relationship. Library staff will continually work to recognize the contributions of Library volunteers and seek to expand the Library volunteer group as needed.Wasatch CountyLibrary volunteers are coordinated by the Director, or designee, and must be at least 14 years of age. Each volunteer must complete the “Library Volunteer Application Form” which will be kept on file in the Library and with the Wasatch County Attorney’s office.  Forms are available at the circulation desk. Volunteers may also be interviewed to determine their interests and levels of experience. Volunteer talents, experience, availability and interests will be considered in job assignments.

Volunteers work under the direction of the library staff and in conjunction with the Director. Volunteers must have a library card and be in good standing with Wasatch County Library. The library staff and its volunteers work together for mutual satisfaction and for the benefit of the library and the community.

Volunteers are expected to comply with all policies of the Library.

Be courteous to all children, adult patrons and staff.

Refer patrons to a staff member with questions you cannot answer.

Wear a volunteer badge at all times.  

*The Library does not accept Volunteer Applications for court-appointed community service hours.

What Volunteers Do:


Approved by the Wasatch County Library Board of Directors 04/25/2012